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Rum Flights

Here at The Malecón, we have put together a few flights for your drinking pleasure. These will take your palate on a journey, whilst showing some of the best rums we have to offer behind the bar.

You can take a private journey, or enjoy a guided tour by one of our rum runners that works the bar.

If you would like a guided tour, they are available;

Wednesday through Sunday, 4pm - 7pm

bookings essential with an extra cost of $50 to your flight.

(all flights are recommended for two people minimum)

Spanish Flight

Spanish style rums are traditionally lighter on the palate. For the most part, they are column, or multi-column distilled. This allows for a lighter base spirit for ageing. we have put together a few of our favourites, coming from Trinidad, Cuba, and Venezuela. - $45

Rhum Agricole Flight

Rhum Agricole is one of our favourite styles. Made solely from sugar cane juice, it allows for a funky freshness we adore. The flavours from the sugar cane come across as earthy, grassy, and herbaceous. These rums hail from the French Caribbean/ West Indies. - $55

Staff Favourites 

We all love rum here at The Malecón, so we thought we would put together our favourites. Unfortunately we all have expensive taste, but lucky for you we all have expensive taste! This flight consists of some of the best we have o offer with flavours all over the place. We hope you enjoy this one because we sure do. - $80



English - Jamaican Pot Flight

Pot stilled rums tend to be on the heavier side of flavour. Made is smaller batches using copper stills, and a longer fermentation process, the molasses and tropical fruit flavours really come through. We've ranged this flight from Jamaica, Antigua, and Barbados. - $50

Australian Spiced Flight

You get double the experience with this flight! Australia has so many good rums coming out and we picked a few of our favourites and put the together. They also all happen to be spiced rums! This flight shows what Straya has to offer, whilst showing a few different styles of spiced rum. - $55